2020 Cohort


Nearly 500 artists applied to the Silver Art 2020 artist residency program during a month-long open call in July of this year. Such a positive response humbled all of those involved at Silverstein Properties and affiliated friends and family in launching downtown's newest artist residency program. Located within the heart of lower Manhattan, Silver Art is positioned to be a cultural beacon of creative exchange for the New York community. Artists in the 2020 cohort will join the tens of thousands of professionals that work at the hundreds of companies in and around the World Trade Center campus.


Vision for 2020 COHORT

Our goal is for everyone to grow throughout their time with us, whatever stage an artist is in when they arrive. At Silver Art, growth translates into expanding practice and amplifying impact. For up to 8 months, artists in the cohort can devote resources to creating new and different artworks instead of studio rent. Everyone around Silver Art - our directors, our patrons, other artists, workshop speakers, building tenants, and local collectors - want to learn about the 2020 cohort. The Silver Art community has been growing since the inception of this new artist residency. It is bound by the quality of people within it, who are committed to forming long-term meaningful relationships.


View portal to learn about artists in the 2020 cohort.