Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I hand deliver, mail, or email my application?

No. All applications must be submitted using our online application system. We are unable to accept and will not review email or paper submissions.


How long is the residency? 

Maximum of 8 months. 


When can I have access to the space? 

Artists can move in beginning in September.

Are there fees associated with the residency?

There are no fees. Studio space is provided free of charge. 

Does Silver Art Projects provide housing? 

No. Artists are responsible for their own travel, housing, and living expenses.

What size of space will be available?

Depending on experience and practice, artists will be awarded shared or individual studio spaces, ranging between 500 - 2000 sqft. Communal space will also be available for artists and their registered guests. 

What will be asked of residents? 

Nothing. This is unstructured studio time and not product-oriented. Artists are encouraged to host studio visits and are welcome to make their own studio hours. Most importantly, Silver Art Projects asks artists to immersive themselves with the cohort and local community.

Will Silver Art Projects provide equipment or other materials? 

Artists are asked to bring their own equipment and materials. 

Access to building - hours/days? 

The building has 24/7 security and will be accessible through identification badges. Artists are welcomed to invite guests so long as they are appropriately registered beforehand with building security. 

For all inquiries regarding Silver Art Projects, please email