Our goal is for everyone to grow throughout their time with us, whatever stage an artist is in when they arrive. At Silver Art, growth translates into expanding practice and amplifying impact. For up to 10 months each year, artists in the cohort can devote resources to creating new and different artworks instead of studio rent. Everyone around Silver Art - our directors, our patrons, other artists, workshop speakers, building tenants, and local collectors - want to learn about the artist cohorts creating at the World Trade Center. 


    Artists join the tens of thousands of people that live and work at the hundreds of companies in and around the World Trade Center campus. The Silver Art community has been growing since the inception of this new artist residency concept. Our community of artists and supporters is bound by the quality of people within it, who are committed to forming long-term meaningful relationships.




    The 2021 cohort includes 25 creative individuals and focuses on supporting historically underrepresented viewpoints and artists whose practices are embedded in social justice and activism.




    Members of the 2021 cohort are guided through their residencies by three renowned artists and mentors-in-residence, Hank Willis Thomas/For Freedoms, Tourmaline, and Chella Man. Our mentors occupy studios alongside the cohort, as well as workshops designed to further residents’ practices and professional development. The overarching goal of the 2021 mentor-in-residence program is to amplify diverse perspectives and foster artistic practices embedded in activism.


    Selection Process

    We assembled a committee of curators, artist mentors, social justice visionaries and activists to review the applicants and select Silver Art's 2021 cohort. Silver Art's selection process focuses on an artist's ability to create within the parameters of a large office building, the artist's overall artistic practice, and the artist's potential to benefit from Silver Art's 2021 mentors-in-residence program.

  • Meet the 2021 Cohort Selection Committee